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The firm is breaking away from the convention

At the heart of NEON’s genesis is a story of transformation and renewed passion. Our journey began with the founding of BMH BRÄUTIGAM, driven by a desire to escape the confines of corporate structures that prioritised economic gains over job satisfaction and process over pragmatism. The aim of our founding partners Benedikt, Johannes and Jan-Peter was simple yet profound: to rediscover the joys of the liberal professions within a cohesive and transparent work environment.

A lack of transparency and diminishing job satisfaction fueled their commitment to create a different kind of law firm at BMH BRÄUTIGAM – one that values freedom, self-determination, and, most importantly, the joy of practicing law.

Today, these values remain at NEON’s core. We choose cases that truly interest us, prioritising our passion for law over mere financial gain. This approach ensures that our work remains fulfilling and client centric. The close-knit relationships and team spirit within NEON are fundamental to our success and client satisfaction.

With the change from BMH BRÄUTIGAM to NEON, we are building on this fertile ground and leading our firm into a new era. The firm is breaking away from the convention of being named after individuals, because NEON is not about the glory of a few, but about the incredible power of a well-functioning team. We foster a learning and collaborative environment and strive to be the best at developing the best talent.

While NEON stands for the values of the liberal professions (freedom, self-determination and entrepreneurship), it does not stand for the traditional way of providing legal services.

NEON is not only authentic, tolerant and down-to-earth. NEON is also progressive, tech-savvy, innovative, even experimental.

NEON is all about thinking outside the box, pushing away from convention and finding creative solutions to complex challenges.

NEON represents the essence of who we are and what we stand for: top notch legal advice with passion, drive and efficiency.

NEON is about more than just business. It’s about meaningful and enriching personal relationships – the source of personal happiness and the most important driving force behind our success.

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