NEON.Family - For our employees navigating parenthood

At NEON balancing family and career is more than a written policy – it’s a reality we live by. That’s why we’ve created NEON.Family, a comprehensive support system for our employees navigating parenthood. Here are some of its highlights:

  • Family Room: A functional and comfortable office within our firm, designed for parents and their children. It’s a practical solution for those days when family and work life intersect.
  • Childcare Subsidies: We provide monthly financial support for nursery or after-school care expenses. This support is designed to reduce the financial stress that often accompanies childcare.
  • Additional Leave: Recognising the unpredictability of parenthood, we offer five additional days of leave for times when your child is unwell and needs you the most.

These benefits reflect our understanding that a supportive work environment includes recognising and accommodating our employees’ family responsibilities. It’s about creating a work culture where your family’s well-being of  is considered a part of your professional support system.

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