Trainee Lawyers

You’ll dive into the thick of things.

From the start, you’ll be in the thick of things, working side-by-side with our lawyers, taking on substantial work that reflects their complexity and importance. You’ll be more than just a trainee, you’ll be an integral member of the team, deeply embedded in our practice and social life to gain a full understanding of our world.

Quarterly, we partner with two other firms to simulate oral exams, providing an immersive experience, particularly in civil law, under the guidance of Dr Benedikt Bräutigam, a real examiner. You’ll also have the opportunity to take the Kaiser Klausuren exams at our expense, sharpening your legal skills.

Your role with us is more than a title; it’s a commitment to excellence and learning. You’ll tackle tasks that require the insight and precision of a lawyer, under the guidance of our experienced team. This hands-on approach ensures that your development reflects the high standards we maintain. As you develop, so will your role in our community, with invitations to our social celebrations where you’re not just a participant, but an honoured part of NEON’s history.

In addition, trainees at NEON have the opportunity to take advantage of our NEON Family Package NEON.Family. We understand the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance, especially as you juggle the demands of your legal training. NEON.Family is designed to provide support and resources to help you balance your professional and personal responsibilities.

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