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Enriching every dimension of our team’s work life

In addition to an attractive salary, we offer a comprehensive benefits package that enriches every aspect of our team’s working lives. Here’s a taste:


Launched in 2016, we ensure your retirement is worry-free with the NEON.Pension. Convert a portion of your gross salary into untaxed, social security-free insurance contributions. NEON matches these contributions monthly, promising substantial future benefits.

Full Support for Public Transit Support or Compensation for Commute

We value your presence in the office and offer to pay for your public transport ticket, be it the Deutschlandticket or the VBB-Umweltkarte, to make your journey to and from work as smooth as possible, while recognising our responsibility to the environment by reducing our collective carbon footprint. For those who travel by car or bicycle, we offer a flat-rate travel allowance to make your commute easier.

6 Weeks Recreational Holiday

We’re building a firm with colleagues who share a vision for long-term, collective growth. Sustainable planning is essential to this, which is why we also emphasise the importance of recovery and restorative breaks between intense periods of work. To support this, 30 days annual leave, plus Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve off, are standard from day one for all employees, ensuring that everyone is well rested and able to contribute their best. We believe that a well-balanced life fosters a thriving professional environment, so nurturing our team’s wellbeing is a cornerstone of our collective success.
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