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Great talent deserves fair compensation.

We believe that great talent deserves fair compensation. Our compensation package values dedication, expertise, and loyalty. 

Our salaries take into account experience, qualifications, and seniority, ensuring that each team member’s contribution is recognised. A significant part of our package is a profit-sharing bonus, which fosters a sense of ownership and collective success in our entrepreneurial environment. 

We offer a comprehensive benefits package that covers all aspects of our team’s well-being, from health and wellness to continuous learning opportunities, emphasising our holistic approach to employee care. Recognising the importance of work-life balance, we maintain regulated working hours, with overtime being the rare exception, ensuring personal time for our team. 

NEON is committed to sustainable people development, providing a nurturing environment for growth and learning. We aim to foster a workplace culture that makes everyone want to come to the office, with a focus on both professional and personal wellbeing. 

We don’t just encourage ambition, we reward it. Our transparent and meticulously structured bonus system is fundamentally based on profit-sharing, directly linking your exceptional performance to our overall success. For those with a relentless drive, the go-getters and the innovators, this system is your platform to shine and reap significant financial rewards.

Our philosophy is simple: your contribution to NEON’s success, both through your legal expertise and by fostering a positive team environment, has a direct impact on your bonus. This correlation is designed to motivate your ambition by turning professional performance and supporting soft skills into tangible benefits. Our system is designed to recognise a spectrum of excellence, from those who deliver consistently high quality legal work to those who foster team unity.

At its heart, our bonus system isn’t just an add-on; it’s a reflection of our ethos. It’s about rewarding those who strive for excellence and innovation, while recognising the steady contributions that keep us grounded and moving forward. This balanced approach underlines our commitment to fostering a diverse, dynamic and thriving professional community.

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