You are not just another employee, but a co-entrepreneur.

Signing Bonus

At NEON, we value initiative and direct engagement. That’s why our signing bonus is exclusively for candidates who apply directly to us, without using a headhunter or a similar agency. We believe in rewarding proactive individuals who take the initiative to connect with us directly. Join NEON and start your journey with a firm that values your independence and drive. Apply now and seize the opportunity to make a direct impact.

Lockstep System

From your first day, you are part of our lockstep system. With this, you are not just another employee, but a co-entrepreneur. The entrepreneurship we all embody is noticeable in many facets of our daily lives, but nowhere more so than in our compensation system.

Your base salary of €100,000 is just one component. Additionally, you receive Lockstep points, which increase in value with seniority and years spent together. At the end of the year, we come together to reap the rewards of our collective efforts and celebrate our successes. The firm’s profit is divided by the total points of all lawyers, including partners, to determine the value per lockstep point. Your points are then multiplied by this Lockstep value, resulting in your lockstep share. Due to the Lockstep point value, your annual total compensation package realistically (and rather conservatively calculated) falls within the following ranges:

  • €120,000 – 126,000 in your 1st year at NEON
  • €122,500 – 136,000 in your 2nd year at NEON
  • €135,000 – 156,000 in your 3rd year at NEON
  • €147,500 – 176,000 in your 4th year at NEON
  • €160,000 – 196,000 in your 5th year at NEON


If you bring prior professional experience, we will discuss your placement in our lockstep system with you.

We believe in this system for a simple reason. It unites us and makes NEON your own company. Passing a mandate to a colleague here does not mean losing something; it’s about delivering the best possible quality for our clients. It’s a system that fosters trust and collaboration because we know that NEON’s success is also your personal success.

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