Transaction Lawyers

We recognize the invaluable contributions of transactional lawyers.

Welcome to NEON, where we recognize the invaluable contributions of transactional lawyers (LL.B./LL.M.). We understand the importance of acknowledging the unique skills and expertise that transactional lawyers bring to the table, and our career model is designed to reflect just that.

In our career model for transactional lawyers, we place a strong emphasis on valuing your position within the firm. From day one, you’ll enjoy a competitive base salary and on top are part of in our bonus system, ensuring that your hard work is duly rewarded.

As you progress in your career with us, your salary will increase annually, reflecting your growing experience and expertise. After three years with NEON, you’ll have the opportunity to take the first “gateway”, granting you access to lawyer’s meetings and further integrating you into the fabric of our firm.

After reaching the five-year mark, you’ll have the chance to take the second “gateway” and potentially become an associated transaction lawyer. This transition marks a significant milestone in your career, as you leave the bonus system behind and join our lockstep system alongside our lawyers. As an associated transaction lawyer, your bonus becomes uncapped, offering the potential for great rewards and recognition for your contributions.

To achieve the status of an associated transaction lawyer, we require a minimum of five years with the firm, along with several key criteria: contributing a substantial financial input, demonstrating the ability to work independently, reaching a level of expertise in at least one area of expertise, and contributing to the firm in at least one other non-legal capacity.

At NEON, we believe in empowering our transactional lawyers to reach their full potential and providing clear pathways for advancement and recognition. Join us and discover a career where your skills are valued, your efforts are rewarded, and your contributions make a difference.

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