Our Style of Work

Global Reach

Our global reach extents our expertise seamlessly over the globe.

Our work is global. As a German transaction boutique based in Berlin, our global reach extents our expertise seamlessly over the globe whether by including other jurisdictions, negotiating with international counterparties, advising foreign clients or all at once.

And with a network spanning almost all jurisdictions and partner firms worldwide, we excel in managing cross-border transactions with the same finesse as local deals, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients regardless of geographical boundaries. Thus, we have advised on cross-border transactions in a large number of jurisdiction. When working internationally, we cannot only lever on our vast experience with foreign laws and transactions but also on understanding of different cultures and negotiation styles.

Our global footprint is, on purpose, not based on an exclusive alliance but a network of partner law firms with a strong and regular track record – in many cases we have worked in each jurisdiction with more than one firm regularly. This approach allows us to find the best suited partner in the relevant jurisdiction, reflecting transaction value, expertise as well as client fit. And where a client has a go to firm in a specific country, we are more than happy to form the winning team together.

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