A journey where professional growth and personal bonds intertwine.

Legal Minds Meetup

Our bimonthly Legal Minds Meetup is a highly anticipated event that goes beyond the typical professional get-together. Current and former trainees, research assistants, transactional lawyers and our lawyers come together for an evening of engaging conversation. This event is a vibrant intersection of legal expertise and personal stories, strengthening bonds and fostering a sense of community that supports each member’s journey both within and beyond the walls of the firm.

Strategic Retreats

Step into a role where your insights from day one shape our future. Here, your fresh perspective is an invaluable cornerstone that empowers you as a co-entrepreneur. Beyond the regular lawyer meetings and collaborative groups, we come together every two years for unique retreats. In these tranquil settings, whether amidst the grandeur of nature or the historic tapestry of a city, we not only strategise our firm’s direction, but also forge deeper connections. As we tackle issues such as compensation models and workforce dynamics, the line between colleagues and companions blurs. These trips aren’t just meetings; they’re where laughter mixes with debate and shared experiences bind us tightly together. This is where serious strategising is intertwined with moments of exhilaration and camaraderie. Join us on a journey where professional growth and personal bonds intertwine, creating an adventure of collective empowerment and tight-knit unity.

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