We're not just about the work; we're about creating joyous moments together.

Blind Dates

Ever thought about how lunch could change your working day? We have. That’s why our Blind Date lunches are a staple here. Each month, fate decides when we draw names and pair two of us for a meal on the house, breaking down barriers of team, hierarchy and role. This is where the magic happens – stories are shared, perspectives are broadened and a unique bond is formed. It’s more than a meal; it’s a moment when professional paths cross and personal connections are made, enriching our collective spirit one lunch at a time.

Corporate Events and Trips

Say goodbye to company events where you’re planning your escape. NEON get-togethers are treasured occasions where anticipation builds for an experience that’s anything but ordinary because, like everything we do, they’re designed to be exceptional and built around real camaraderie. Our Christmas parties often spill over into group breakfasts, and our summer parties are pure happiness, where you’re guaranteed laughter, meaningful conversation and memorable moments with colleagues who are more than just colleagues. For special milestones, we’re known for taking the whole team on little adventures, turning ordinary occasions into extraordinary shared experiences. At NEON, we’re not just about the work; we’re about creating joyous moments together, reinforcing that sense of belonging and happiness that makes us unconventional in the best possible way.

After Work

Our after-work life is something we cherish deeply. We don’t wait for special occasions to celebrate; we create them, hosting a casual monthly get-together where pizza straight from the box is a delicacy and drinks are poured by hand from a homemade bar. It’s about camaraderie, relaxing together and playing an eclectic mix of games that keep the laughter flowing. Our team spirit changes with the seasons, soaking up the summer sun outdoors or, when the weather turns, diving into playful competitions and games in the warmth of our lounge. We’re not just colleagues here, we’re a team, at work and beyond.

Beer Test

At NEON, a candidate’s personality is as crucial as their qualifications. We look for like-minded individuals, and our “beer test” is an important part of our recruitment process. It’s not about beer preferences, it’s about discovering wavelength compatibility and chemistry. We explore whether we can be more than just colleagues by imagining shared moments over a drink, be it a beer, apple spritzer, Club Mate, green tea, or a lactose-free decaf vanilla latte with soy milk and extra caramel sauce, no ice. It’s our way of making sure everyone feels they enjoy spending time together, inside and outside of work.

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