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Much more than just a training programme.

The weekly series Think.NEON is much more than just a training programme. It is a dynamic place of learning and development, where young lawyers and other interested team members dive deep into the world of contract drafting, market realities, negotiation strategies and LegalTech applications via video sessions. They are not only guided by NEON lawyers, but also by a circle of outstanding external experts – including founders of unicorn start-ups, M&A consultants and specialists from neighbouring legal fields from the NEON network.

The sessions are interactive, always well attended and characterised by the NEON style, which combines a relaxed atmosphere with professional excellence. The aim is to provide our young team members with a deep understanding of the market, bring them up to speed quickly and give them the very practical tools they need to be able to advise independently at the highest level. Creativity, intensive discussions, constant optimisation and an extremely valuable exchange of experience ensure that we are always at the forefront as a team.

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