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Flourishing from day one.


When stepping into a new chapter of your career with us, your first days are as enriching as they are exhilarating. We understand that diving into a new workplace is a mosaic of learning and adapting. That’s why we’ve designed an onboarding experience that’s not just about fitting in, but about belonging and flourishing from day one.

The journey begins right after your contract is sealed. Our HR team becomes your backstage crew, smoothing out the administrative details, so you’re set for a grand opening.

On your first day, you’ll be equipped with a personalized onboarding package filled with vital information about life at NEON, ensuring you’re well-prepared to hit the ground running. You’re encouraged to actively engage and ask questions, with a dedicated ‘Buddy’ ready to assist during your initial weeks, bridging gaps and building bonds.

Our onboarding process is a digital, streamlined journey, designed to empower you while providing all the support you need to thrive in our dynamic environment.

And when the workday winds down, our AfterWork gatherings unfold. These are not just events; they’re the social threads that connect you with the entire firm, often turning colleagues into companions.

Welcome to a place where your first steps are celebrated, a place where you don’t just start a job, you become part of a story.

Feedback Culture

Our feedback culture is crafted to foster unparalleled personal development. It’s built on close partner engagement, ensuring you’re tightly integrated into our fabric. Immediate and direct feedback on tasks helps you pivot and progress swiftly. Scheduled in-depth feedback sessions with supervisors at the 3, 6, and 12-month marks, and annually thereafter, are designed for reflective growth and aligning personal development goals. This structured dialogue is central to our mutual evolution, ensuring that your career trajectory is as unique as you are.

Career Development | Trainings

To support your career development we give you the option to widen your professional horizon via excellent trainings with external institutes, in-house trainings in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, an in-house English courses and our Think.NEON training programme.

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