Our unique strength lies in offering clear, bold recommendations.

At NEON, we specialize in resolving high-stakes legal disputes with a special focus on corporate (e.g. VC / PE / post-M&A), commercial, professional liability and real estate matters. Our team also serves as arbitrators, showcasing our comprehensive understanding of the legal domain.

Our service begins at the onset of potential conflicts, offering strategic advice to prevent litigation. When disputes are inevitable, we provide robust out-of-court strategies, guiding our clients through each step until the final execution of judgments. This comprehensive approach ensures that our clients are supported at every stage of the legal process.

Our unique strength lies in offering clear, bold recommendations. We blend legal expertise with economic intelligence to craft solutions that are both innovative and practical. This methodology allows us to deeply align with our clients’ objectives, transforming legal challenges into strategic opportunities.

The hallmark of our approach is the ability to simplify complex legal scenarios. We deliver succinct, potent legal documents, tailored to each unique case. Our team’s diverse expertise across various legal fields enriches our approach, enabling us to handle multifaceted legal challenges effectively.

Clients choose us for our transparent assessment of success prospects, straightforward advice, and proactive management. The accolades we receive, be it from a rival lawyer conceding defeat or a client praising our dual role as advisor and executor, speak volumes about the impact and efficacy of our work.

Beyond our legal prowess, clients value our creativity, approachability, and team spirit. We manage projects with an unwavering focus on the end goal, ensuring an efficient and effective resolution.

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