We do not just navigate transactions; we lead them.

Corporate transactions are the core of our firm’s expertise and deeply rooted in our DNA. We offer a unique blend of long-standing experience, commitment to precision and excellence, innovation, and client-centric services across a multitude of transactions, be it on the buy-side, the sell-side or when advising on mergers, joint ventures and carve-outs.

We excel in the face of complexity. Where others see obstacles, we see opportunities to innovate. Our approach is focused on the essentials, avoiding unnecessary diversion of energies to peripheral issues. We pride ourselves on providing pinpoint solutions that are bespoke and sculpted to fit the unique contours of each transaction, rather than relying on generic templates and boilerplate answers. We take responsibility and we also like to do calculations and work on spreadsheets. This focus, combined with our deep understanding of the commercial aims of our clients stands out.

Our versatility shines through as we work with equal effectiveness with tech companies, listed corporates, professional investors or founders looking to sell their life’s work. We are known for anticipating legal challenges and offering ready solutions, building bridges not just in legal terms, but also in communication and understanding.

We foster partnerships, understanding that the best results come from collaboration and mutual respect. Choosing working with us means choosing a team that is deeply invested in your success. As a result, we do not just navigate transactions; we lead them, aiming that every client’s journey with us is not just successful but also a memorable alliance.

M&A combines the strengths of our firm and where needed we will blend our expertise in tech, finance and tax or lever specific industry know-how, whether in real estate joint ventures or venture capital exits. When expert input on particular niche legal fields is required, we can build on a tested network of specialists best suited for the specific task. Our global footprint enables us to handle cross-border transactions seamlessly.

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