Notarial Services

Our pragmatic approach strikes the perfect balance between necessity and opportunity.

At NEON, our notarial services team blends deep expertise in corporate and real estate law with a personal commitment. Our expertise spans the intricacies of the law and the latest developments, equipping us to manage sophisticated transactions across real estate, venture capital, private equity, M&A, and more. We are able to handle international mandates, meet tight deadlines and provide effective solutions.

Incorporating modern, digital, and tech-enhanced capabilities into our practice, we improve our service delivery, making processes more efficient and transactions smoother. This strategic integration benefits our clients by delivering faster, more accurate results, and demonstrates our commitment to not only maintaining, but improving the quality of our services in the digital age.

Our approach to notarial services is holistic and client-focused. We like to see the big picture and deliver goal-oriented, comprehensive solutions. We maintain the highest quality while ensuring speed and efficiency, our pragmatic approach strikes the perfect balance between necessity and opportunity, making us ideal project managers. Our team’s remarkable flexibility and ability to remain calm in high-pressure situations is complemented by our adept use of technology.

At the heart of NEON Notary is our passion for excellence and a non-traditional ap-proach. We are dedicated to professional excellence while never losing the personal connection with our clients. We thrive on team cohesion, where each member, from assistant to notary, is an integral part. We have a shared culture of initiative, passion for our profession and commitment to excellence.

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