Private Equity

Our advice cuts through the noise and focuses on the commercial core.

Our approach to advising MidCap, SmallCap, and Growth Private Equity investors on domestic and cross-border transactions is not just about legal precision, it is about understanding the essence of each assignment. Our clients find in us a rare blend of seasoned experience and bespoke solutions. We do not just advise, our philosophy is crafting legal strategies for successful transactions.

We advise our PE clients comprehensively, from negotiating the relevant agreements and assessing legal risks in due diligence to acquisition finance, management participation, transaction insurance and transaction tax. For specific industry knowledge or expertise in foreign jurisdictions, we can lever on a tested and experienced network of legal experts.

Our team’s capability lies in our deep-seated experience and our ability to handle complex, commercially significant aspects of transactions with a focused and pragmatic creativity. We see beyond the legalities; our advice cuts through the noise and focuses on the commercial core. Our clients gain a partner who thinks as entrepreneur, understanding their goals. We offer targeted transactional advice as a sparring partner, trusted advisor and integral part of our client’s winning team, where we are both navigators and co-pilots with a forward-thinking mindset.

Our clients engage with a team that is fast, lean, and intimately connected to their journey. This philosophy has forged long-term partnerships, reflecting our ability to understand and achieve our clients’ commercial objectives: partnerships, where we are part of the team bringing the strategic vision to live, for example by teaming up with management, advising on add-on acquisitions and realizing buy-and-build strategies beyond the initial platform acquisition.

We bridge gaps and find common ground in negotiations, with professional investors as well as with seasoned founders or family businesses. We avoid generic legal templates and instead tailor our advice to each unique transaction, opting for customized strategies that resonate with the unique needs.

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