We make it our mission to illuminate the path ahead.

In the heart of NEON’s tax practice, our dedication goes beyond just navigating the complexities of tax law; we’re deeply committed to shining a light for our clients through the often foggy landscape of tax decisions. Our passion for tax structuring of complex venture capital, private equity, and other corporate transactions is accompanied by our determination to provide crystal-clear, unequivocal advice. We don’t just lay out options; we guide our clients with conviction towards the best decision, ensuring they make a confident and balanced choice. With each tailored tax analysis, contract clause, and innovative solution, we make it our mission to illuminate the path ahead.

Our commitment to clear, decisive guidance is what sets us apart, fostering trust and long-term partnerships built on the solid foundation of transparency and expertise. We make sure transactions, whether they’re financing rounds, mergers and acquisitions, or big transformations, are structured in a way that’s not just smart tax-wise but also clear and comprehensive for our clients. Our expertise extends to tax planning advice for start-ups, optimizing employee participation models, and the analysis and structuring of cross-border situations. This ensures compliance and maximizes opportunities in international tax law for our clients.

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