Venture Capital

We cherish the relaxed yet intellectually charged atmosphere of the VC community.

Whether it is a new venture at the outset or a game-changing financing round for an industry disruptor, our decade-long experience shapes every piece of advice we give. You’ll find us deeply engrossed in term sheets, poring over due diligence reports, or dissecting complex cap tables. These aren’t just documents to us; they’re the blueprints of ambition, the roadmaps that guide our clients toward industry-altering innovation.

Our day-to-day business includes carefully designing incentive programmes, fine-tuning negotiation tactics and ensuring regulatory compliance across multiple jurisdictions. We guide founders through seed rounds, Series A, B, C, and beyond, always mindful of the optimal corporate structures and tax implications. We’re as comfortable diving into the nitty-gritty details of a convertible note as we are strategizing about the broader financial landscape.

But even as we navigate legal complexities, we’re fueled by a passion for the people and ideas behind each venture. We’re not just drafting contracts; we’re co-authoring stories of cutting-edge developments in AI, quantum computing, and renewable energy, to name just a few. We cherish the relaxed yet intellectually charged atmosphere of the VC community – a far cry from the stifling formality you might find elsewhere in law.

The essence of our work is a marriage of precision and humanity. We’re not just facilitating transactions; we’re co-piloting ventures that could redefine societal norms. It’s about ensuring a client’s revolutionary idea in CO2 storage or nuclear fusion gets the most conducive legal environment to thrive. While we’re dead serious about achieving the best outcomes, we inject our personal, authentic, and—dare we say—fun side into the process.

We’ve earned our place, not by thumping our chests but through a relentless focus on delivering results while building meaningful relationships. Every clause negotiated, every term sheet finalized, is a step toward something bigger, something that changes the world a smidgen. And that’s what makes the grind worth every second.

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