Launch Party 2024

We launched NEON and celebrated our vibrant new brand with a spectacular night of bright neon lights and special people.

After two years of ups and downs, countless name suggestions, logo versions and sleepless nights the time had finally come: NEON was ready to launch and we were ready to celebrate!  

A fantastic location full of neon lights, berry drinks and many of our favorite people created a party atmosphere that exceeded all our expectations. We feel tremendous gratitude for all the wonderful and passionate people who were involved!

Special thanks go out to our amazing guests, all the dedicated NEONis and the fantastic team at Prince Charles Berlin, who’s contributions shaped the night into the grand finale of the relaunch project and the perfect beginning for the exciting future that lies ahead of NEON.  Recognition is also due to the agencies involved: Peperoni and Aleks & Shantu, who supported our journey. Their expertise brought our visions to life and gave NEON its vibrant visual identity.

We can’t wait to spread more of our NEON happiness around the world. 

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