Alexander Nast

What I think:

Work smart, not hard!

„I set high standards for myself, my clients, and every case that crosses my desk.“

The perfect project is complex and multi-faceted, much like playing a game of golf – strategic and thoughtful. I approach each challenge with curiosity, always starting with the big picture before delving into the finer details. And just as golf requires creativity at every turn, each case should call for inventive solutions. It’s about navigating the unexpected, turning challenges into opportunities, and always looking for the best outcome with a creative eye.

That’s also what drew me to law: constantly being faced with new cases; and constantly meeting new people who are fully committed and often uncompromisingly. For me, this translates to endless growth, both professionally and personally. That’s why I don’t work with companies for their big names – but with the people behind those who have stories to tell and seek to evolve alongside me.

With my team, I handle complex transactions and also cover the specialist areas of real estate, such as joint ventures, commercial tenancy law and acquisition financing. My real estate team and I are not only real estate lawyers but also corporate lawyers. That is why we are passionate about working and advising at the intersection of real estate transactions and corporate law.

My approach is to dive deep into my mandates’ visions without drowning in legal jargon. Our team’s rapid response and high availability for clients ensures we’re always at the forefront. Creativity in solutions, yes, but always with a ‘get to the point’ attitude.

About Alexander Nast



  • Notary (since 2019)
  • Partner at NEON (since 2015)
  • Lawyer at NEON (since 2011)
  • Lawyer (since 2011)
  • Trainee at Oberlandesgericht Brandenburg
  • Studied law at Universität Potsdam
  • Trained as commercial assistant

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