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Lisa-Marie Sarucco

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Not all those who wander are lost. – J.R.R. Tolkien

„My curiosity is piqued by life's endless learning opportunities.”

Choosing law as a career wasn’t an immediate or clear-cut decision for me, given my wide range of interests that span from astrophysics to architecture and the arts. What ultimately drew me in were the diverse perspectives and intellectual challenges of the legal field, particularly the opportunity to blend analytical precision with creative problem-solving. These aspects have profoundly enriched my journey at NEON, transforming me from a curious graduate to a dedicated legal professional.

My academic path diverged from traditional law studies to a Bachelor of Arts in Law and Management at Bielefeld University. This combination not only strengthened my affinity for numbers and complex calculations, but also my keen analytical mind – assets that have proved invaluable in my current role in the venture capital sector. In this arena, the art of being precise in expression and efficient in implementation when drafting legal documents is an essential part of my work, complemented by the ability to quickly grasp complex concepts and dissect them through an analytical lens.

My curiosity extends far beyond the law. I’m always on the lookout for new insights, constantly seeking new knowledge, whether it’s in scientific fields, the learning of new languages or the exploration of psychological concepts. As a self-confessed geek, I have a deep passion for science fiction and fantasy. Whether it’s the intricate worlds created by Tolkien, the time-travelling adventures of Doctor Who or the epic saga of Star Wars, I am fascinated by stories that dare to imagine the impossible. They inspire me to look beyond the immediate, reminding me that perseverance, courage and a spirit of innovation can conquer any challenge.

The culture at NEON, defined by mutual respect, authenticity and a shared commitment to excellence, resonates with my own values. What sets me apart from the conventional lawyer? It might be my calm demeanour, subtle confidence and strong belief in success through cooperation. I find my most productive moments in the quiet, later hours of the day – away from the morning bustle, I can immerse myself in my work with undivided focus and clarity.

About Lisa-Marie Sarucco



  • Transaction Laywer at NEON (since 2021)
  • Studied Law and Management (B.A.) at Universität Bielefeld

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