Maximilian Auer

What I think:

You’ll always miss 100 % of the shots you don’t take.

„Venture capital is inherently about backing the underdog.“

In my role as a venture capital lawyer at NEON, the principles that guide me on the football field influence how I approach my work with clients. My love for the underdog’s battle against the favorite is not just a sports narrative; it’s a mindset that permeates my legal strategy, particularly in the high-stakes world of venture capital.

Venture capital is inherently about backing the underdog – investing in startups that have the potential to disrupt markets and challenge established giants. My affinity for meticulous preparation and attention to detail ensures that I bring a comprehensive understanding of the market, the legal landscape, and the unique challenges that startups and investors face. This preparation allows me to provide my clients with strategic advice that not only anticipates potential legal hurdles but also identifies opportunities for growth and competitive advantage.

Playing football against larger opponents has taught me the value of resilience, strategy and leveraging my strengths in seemingly uneven battles. These lessons are invaluable in venture capital law, where negotiations are tough, and the balance of power can seem skewed towards more established entities. My role often involves leveling the playing field for my clients, negotiating terms that protect their interests, and ensuring they have the room to grow and succeed.

My dream escape is a motorcycle tour across the USA, a journey through its vast, changing landscapes. It’s about freedom, adventure, and the simple, profound joy of the open road beneath me. This vision, while a stark contrast to my work, fuels my creativity and resilience, bringing a refreshed perspective and renewed energy to my role as a venture capital lawyer at NEON.

My unyielding motivation and top-tier dedication mirror the ethos of the entrepreneurs and startups I work with at NEON. Their relentless pursuit of innovation and disruption inspires me, and in turn, I bring an indefatigable spirit to their legal challenges. This synergy between my work ethic and the ambitions of my clients creates a powerful dynamic, fostering trust and driving results that exceed expectations.

About Maximilian Auer


  • Lawyer at NEON (since 2023)
  • Lawyer (since 2023)
  • Research Assistant at Hogan Lovells (2021)
  • Trainee at Oberlandesgericht Bamberg
  • Studied law at Universität Bayreuth

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