Maximilian Frink

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Peace of mind

„Delivering with surgical precision.”

Why I became a lawyer? Well, growing up with a fascination for the natural world, particularly the ocean and its mysteries, I initially aspired to be a marine biologist. However, life had a different plan. I pursued law, perhaps influenced by the familiarity and comfort of the financial stability I experienced growing up and definitely driven by my affinity for the ‘verbalized mathematics’ of law and at the end finding joy in its intellectual challenges.

Since joining NEON in 2021, my journey has been nothing short of exhilarating. At NEON, the acceptance of one’s true self, placing people and their needs first, and the brilliant yet humorous company culture make me want to perform at my best and most happy every day. The freedom and autonomy I experience here reshaped and still reshape my perception of what it means to be a lawyer.

It’s this liberty to intelligently manage complex transactions and processes and balancing high-intensity situations with personal life and hobbies, that really drives me. This balance is further enhanced by my regular travels, yoga practices, and daily sport activities, allowing me to be at my most productive and creative.

What sets me apart as a lawyer is my relaxed state of mind and my focus on deriving satisfaction from my work, rather than just pursuing wealth.  I’m also pretty sure not many lawyers are jamming out to tunes at their desk all day.  My approach to law is characterized by both logic and empathy, client focus, speed, efficiency, clear and transparent communication and perseverance. I thrive in high-pressure situations, staying calm and focused and delivering with surgical precision. Although unusual for a lawyer, I love numbers, complex calculations and all forms of automation (to be honest, I am a self-proclaimed CapTable nerd).

About Maximilian Frink


  • Lawyer at NEON (since 2021)
  • Lawyer (since 2021)
  • Trainee at Kammergericht Berlin
  • Studied law at Freie Universität Berlin

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