Head of People & Culture (Business Professionals)

Olga Caudill

What I think:

Collect moments, not things.

„The freedom to innovate brought me here.“

With a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Longwood University, VA, followed by a Master of Science in Work and Organizational Psychology from the University of Potsdam, my academic path laid the foundation for my career. However, it was my deep-seated passion for understanding the nuances of workplace dynamics and employee well-being that truly shaped my professional direction.

Since joining NEON, I’ve found my true calling. Had I not ventured into HR, I might have pursued a career as a marine biologist or, with a big stretch of optimism, a hockey national player. Instead, my fascination with psychology and a series of fortunate events led me to HR, where I’ve been able to apply my knowledge in psychology to foster a healthy, engaging work environment.

At NEON, my joy stems from the vibrant community of colleagues and partners whose openness and drive continually inspire me. The freedom to innovate, coupled with the appreciation from both supervisors and peers, fuels my daily motivation. Family support, health, employee engagement, and lawyer recruiting are areas where my colleagues know they can always turn to me for advice and innovation.

My happy place is twofold: in the embrace of my son and amidst nature, whether cycling or jogging early in the morning, when the rest of the world is still asleep.

I thrive on discussions about healthy work practices, employee engagement, and, on a lighter note, my interests in yoga, hockey, and the joys of bilingual parenting (“have you what to eat, dada?”). My ideal project involves enhancing the day-to-day lives of my colleagues, making our work environment not only more pleasant but also sustainably healthier.

About Olga Caudill

M.Sc. Psychology

B.Sc. Psychology


  • Studied Work and Organisational Psychology at Universität Potsdam (M.Sc.)
  • Studied psychology at Longwood University, Virginia (B.Sc.)

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