Head of Notary Office

Tina Tilger

What I think:

Never live without laughing.

„Fostering strong bonds with our clients.“

As the co-head of our notary office, my professional path has been defined by unwavering reliability, precise attention to detail, and a deep understanding of notarial law. Since joining NEON in 2007, my career has been driven by a commitment to excellence and client service.

Had I not pursued a career in law, I might have been a pediatric nurse or an educator, reflecting my innate desire to take care of others, advise them and teach them skills. However, my interest in the legal field was sparked by internships that revealed the fascinating complexity of notarial work, encouraged by a mentor who saw potential in me.

My personal sanctuary is with my family and friends, and I have a particular affinity for the mountains, regardless of the season. Professionally, my satisfaction comes from the respect and appreciation of my colleagues and clients, the challenge of handling demanding cases, and the flexibility to work remotely or after hours, which suits my productivity and allows for meaningful collaboration with my team.

What distinguishes me is my solution-oriented approach and the ability to remain upbeat under pressure, fostering strong bonds with our clients. I’m known for going the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction, highlighted by instances where I’ve undertaken significant efforts to meet tight deadlines, such as reviewing complex documents overnight. I thrive under pressure and in close collaboration with my team. My commitment extends beyond traditional legal advice; I prioritize great importance to providing our clients with competent and comprehensive support.

About Tina Tilger

Leitende Notarmitarbeiterin

  • Degree as a senior notary clerk in Leipzig
  • Trained as notary assistant in Kyritz

At NEON (since 2007)

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