Head of Notary Office

Vivienne Busch

What I think:

È l’animo che devi cambiare, non il cielo sotto cui vivi. (Seneca)

„Focused on modernizing our approach“

As the co-head of NEON’s notary office, my journey has been marked by a mixture of heart-driven dedication and professional rigour. My academic path began with training as a Notary Assistant in Bavaria, followed by a Fachwirt (specialist) degree in Berlin. Despite an early passion for educational sciences and psychology, which I pursued for two years at university, life had other plans. Becoming a mother at a young age, I faced the daunting challenge of balancing studies, childcare, and work. This led me to prioritize  a secure career in the notary’s office over completing my degree, a decision that, while tough, has brought immense satisfaction and stability to my life.

Since joining NEON in 2019, I’ve found a professional home where my values and skills are not just appreciated but celebrated. If I hadn’t pursued this path, I might have been a child or family psychologist, leveraging my innate empathy and understanding of human dynamics. Yet, the world of the notary’s office has allowed me to channel these qualities into helping individuals navigate the complexities of legal processes. Here, I’ve focused on modernizing our approach, aiming to “dust off” the traditional practices and infuse our work with innovative solutions. This commitment to revitalization is pivotal, whether dealing with complex international cases or deeply personal matters.

My work is defined not only by the complex international cases I eagerly tackle but also by the personal, heartfelt cases that resonate deeply with me. Each client, each case is a story where I strive to make a meaningful difference, ensuring a secure and dignified conclusion to their legal matters. What makes me indispensable to our team? It’s my ever-open ear, genuine interest in people’s lives, and my proactive, solution-oriented approach. I thrive on complexity, seeking out challenges that demand innovative thinking and teamwork. My curiosity is piqued by extraordinary personalities, revolutionary ideas, and the endless potential for innovation in our field.

My ‘happy place’ transcends physical locations, found in the moments spent with my child, my friends, and amidst nature, particularly the serene backdrop of the sea. These personal sanctuaries are where I recharge, finding peace and energy to bring back to my professional endeavors at NEON. The support, camaraderie, and collective brilliance of my colleagues and superiors fuel my enthusiasm and commitment to our work.

About Vivienne Busch


  • Certified notary administrator in Berlin
  • Trained as a notary assistant in Bavaria

At NEON (since 2019)

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