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3 February 2023 | NEON has advised Charite spin-off Recovery Cat in the seed financing round by IBB Ventures’ Impact Funds, Springboard Health Angels and a family office from Heidelberg.

Recovery Cat is a spin-off of the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at Charité Berlin, which aims to support people with severe mental illnesses such as schizophrenia or bipolar affective disorder with a digital platform for therapy planning and symptom measurement.

So far, this patient group has hardly been the focus of digital care and is often even excluded from the offerings available so far, even though the need is huge: “Strongly effective medications are often prescribed, which frequently also have side effects. This can lead to patients discontinuing therapy after a few weeks, resulting in renewed crises and hospitalizations,” says Alissa M. Rohrbach, co-founder and CEO, describing the problem. For patients, an appropriate combination and dosage of medication over a longer period of time is important and must be accompanied. The software is intended to provide both patients and treatment teams with data-based support, to better assess therapy progress and to react to crises at an early stage.

The fresh capital will be used to finalize certification as a medical product and to conclude the first contracts with health insurance companies and clinics. In addition, further clinical studies are planned.


In addition to investors, NEON also regularly advises emerging startups such as Recovery Cat during the founding phase and in subsequent financing rounds.

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