Our Style of Work

Legal Tech

Our commitment to innovation is woven into our core.

At NEON, we’re at the forefront of blending legal tech and automation with top notch legal advice to reshape legal and notarial services. Our commitment to innovation is woven into our core, driving us to challenge conventional methods and embrace technology across all operations, from legal advice to accounting.

Using legal tech software, we have automated key parts of our document creation process. In addition to a complex CapTable tool for venture capital transactions, we are increasingly developing highly specialised AI bots for client work. This not only emphasises our competitive advantage, but also our commitment to maximum precision and efficiency.

We’re striving to redefine the role of legal professionals in the digital age. We’ve launched specialised training programmes to turn our lawyers and transaction lawyers into legal tech engineers. This unique blend of legal expertise and technological acumen drives us forward and fosters a culture of continuous improvement and creativity.

Our aim is not just to streamline operations, but to revolutionise the way we think about and deliver legal services. By integrating advanced technology and artificial intelligence, we increase the reliability and speed of our services, freeing our team to focus on the intricate details of each transaction and project management. This approach not only ensures unparalleled service for our clients, but also cultivates an environment of personal and professional happiness for our team, driving both their and our success.

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